Nice to Meet you, I'm Jill.

Artist | Educator | Wife | Cat-Mom | Art Director

in the beginning

Everything started with the BASIC HUMAN JOY found in the MECHANICS of MAKING ART with my own hands.

At first it was crayons and sidewalk chalk, adding pencils, then paints through the years. Along the way, I learned that it’s not the material or result, but the process that brings me back to the studio each time.

It’s been through this “what if” process that I naturally stumbled across my love of painting what’s in front of me everyday and illuminating the essence of
what I see in order to emphasize how it feels.

Look into my sketchbooks and you’ll see an evolution away from waiting for "perfection” on every page, to burning through entire sketchbooks with messy swatches and scribbled notes looking for just the right color or technique for each piece.

Why work so hard for each painting? Because the spark you feel in moments of beauty, peace, & clarity deserve to be savored and saved.

I’ll always be excited by the initial energy surge of a new art supply, color mix, or technique. This attraction to the possibility of discovery during exploration has influenced my entire artistic journey.

Berkshire artist, day-dreamer, color collector, and recovering sketchbook hoarder.

Hi! I'm
Jill Gustavis...

"To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour."
- William Blake

I strive to create pieces that are expansive yet intimate, using color and value that push the sense of presence for the viewer.

My goal is less to create a
realistic depiction of a specific scene
and more of a real connection
to the energy of the moment.

In turn, like a visual gratitude practice, paying close observation to these moments, and studying their personalities, cultivates a genuine love of the constant flow of beauty in everyday life.

I paint that.

Many beautiful things take time to develop. Step into my studio to see what I'm currently working on!

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my cats and I have conversations
Coffee, Tea, & Chai all day long 
maximalist plein air packer 
Cookbook Collector
Flannels are a wardrobe staple
degree in interior Design

my cats and I
have conversations

Coffee, Tea, & Chai
All Day long 


maximalist plein air packer 

Cookbook Collector

Flannels are a
wardrobe staple

degree in interior Design


light & shadow



form & space

rich colors & harmonies

sketch aesthetic

always inspired by:

Have I mentioned,
I       Sketchbooks?

Sketchbooks hold the promise of new ideas, progress, and discoveries to come.

Whether I'm making one by hand or filling one up, time in and around sketchbooks is never wasted. Check out some of the ways I've shared my love of sketchbooks!

Learn more about Sketchbooks

I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it. 

- Vincent Van Gogh

The boys are brothers and litter-mates adopted back in 2016. They're completely different personalities but both are super affectionate and friendly. We've honestly never seen them angry and that's definitely a trait we could use a little more of in the world. They help keep me grounded when there's a lot going on and their go-to advice is I just take a nap!

Jax & Franklin are frequently in my photos and occasionally in my paint.

I can't leave out my studio managers...

Sketches, swatches, thoughts, and processes
I think you may find interesting or helpful!

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