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What to Expect in my Art Classes

Always an avid student myself, I now have the privilege of helping guide other artists in the direction of exciting new pathways and illuminating different perspectives that are possible within their own art.

Every class or workshop I teach, even every YouTube video I've yet to make, I want you to walk away from knowing a little bit more about how to get the results you want in your own art.

My goal is less to tell you how I create my art, and more to distill the thought processes that you can use to evolve your own practice into a better form of itself.


Where I teach:

I like to offer different class types, platforms, and opportunities to meet each student's unique availability, learning behavior, or physical location. Local to the Berkshires? Try an in-person class! Learn better at home or at your own pace? I recommend one of my online offerings!

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A versatile approach to the art of watercolor painting, this class will familiarize students with supplies, theory, and techniques. Practicing washes and brushwork, students will learn about water control and working with their paints. We'll slowly expand the skills covered to include more subtle and nuanced techniques each week. By the end of the class students should have a foundation to pursue watercolor techniques in a variety of methods. This class is open to new and continuing students.

Next session Starts: July 13, 2023
Thursdays 6-8:30PM
141 North Street, Pittsfield, MA

Come take a small class or workshop with me
in Berkshire County, Mass.

Via Berkshire Art Center
(previously IS183)

In-Person Classes


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Create sketches from life and have fun making art in an active downtown environment. Choose your own subjects from people to architecture, and learn how to simply layer ink and watercolor to capture scenes quickly. The perfect set of skills for those who’d like to add art to their travels!

Sat JUne 24 & Sun June 25, 2023

Pittsfield, MA

Ink & Watercolor Scenes Downtown

Intro to Urban Sketching:

Via Berkshire Art Center

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A fun workshop mixing the application of watercolors with gold leaf! In this class you’ll create a landscape using black watercolor paint. Use the gold leaf to add a pop of metallic shine and contrasting warm tone to your painting. A great experiment for beginners and practicing students alike!

Thursday July 6, 2023
at the Brothership Building
141 North Street, Pittsfield, MA

Imaginary Landscapes: Gold Leaf With Black

Via Berkshire Art Center

Sign up for Shiny Objects

A workshop focused on the painting of glass and metal objects in watercolor. Learn how to paint translucent and reflective surfaces by preserving highlights, observing ambient colors, and mixing deep shadows. The workshop will begin with instructor demonstrations transitioning to student application.

This is an intermediate level class. Students should be familiar with their paints and supplies and bring what they normally use.

Thursday July 15, 2023
at Citizen's Hall
13 Willard Hill Road, Stockbridge, MA

Painting Glass & Metal in Watercolor

Via Berkshire Art Center

Shiny Objects:

Sign up for Sketching

A workshop focused on the mindset and methods of watercolor sketching. Learn how to pair paints with pencils/pens, capture colors, and create interesting page compositions. The workshop will balance instructor demonstrations and independent student application. 

This is a confident-beginner to intermediate level class. Students should be familiar with their paints and supplies and bring what they normally use.

Thursday August 12, 2023
at Citizen's Hall
13 Willard Hill Road, Stockbridge, MA

For Fun Or Study!

Via Berkshire Art Center

Watercolor Sketching

Online Classes & Workshops w/Etchr

With live and prerecorded classes,
free and purchasable content,
subscription or ala carte options,
learning with Etchr is all about
what works for you, the student!

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Level Up on SkillShare

I like to think of my classes on Skillshare as studio-basics. Based on thought processes and foundational concepts, they'll get your creative gears turning.

MORE INFO on Skillshare classes

I think this style of class, where the actual THINKING and reasoning for doing things is explained, rather than a step-by-step tutorial, is SO much more helpful in the long run!!

Amanda F.
Review for Problem Solving in Your Sketchbook (SkillShare)

Jill is warm, conversational, and talented and created a relaxed and open learning environment.

- Layla E.
Review for INtroduction to Negative Painting (Etchr)

Join me for a morning of urban sketching together in an easy-going environment.

This event is an independent gathering with casual interaction and not an instructed class or workshop.

Bring your favorite art supply and enjoy capturing the action and architecture around one of downtown Pittsfield's parks or common areas.

Download the pdf flyer here or check out more info on the Guild of Berkshire Artists' website.

Downtown Pittsfield, MA
First Saturdays* (June-Sept) 9-11am

Urban Sketching Meetup


*June will be the 2nd Saturday, June 10th!

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