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Online classes & community for the modern creative.

With live and prerecorded classes, free and purchasable content, subscription or ala carte options, learning with Etchr is all about what works for you, the student!

Etchr is all about building a library of techniques you want to build off of or branch out to next. As a Resident Artist at Etchr Studio, my goal is to bring you engaging workshops that immerse you in the process and clarify your questions. Couple that with integrated Q&A time, Live Feedback sessions, and a private community group on Facebook and you'll be flexing you artistic muscles in no time!

Think of me as a Resident Artist of a global community, your community!

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Brushstrokes & Mark-making

Explore different brushstrokes and the variables that modify them to expand your mark-making knowledge and creative practice!



Negative Painting Series 2022

This series will help you break down shapes then step up to painting in full color by using the same reference photo in each class.



Ink & Wash Pet Portraits

Learn how to capture your furry friends with an easy to approach techniques using pen and watercolor!



Negative Painting Series 2020

Explore the watercolor technique of negative painting with a fun subject or a full introductory class!




Learn with me on etchr

As a Resident Artist at Etchr Studio, I'm here to teach you subjects and techniques you want to learn in the way you've come to love. Want to get a taste of my usual teaching style before purchasing? Check out one of my free demos on Etchr's YouTube.

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Curious about how I started in art and how I found my way into watercolor? Wonder no more! Ânia and I discuss how the path into art (or staying in art) isn't always a straight line.

Listen to my interview with Ânia in the very first episode!

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