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I like to think of my classes on Skillshare as studio-basics. Based on thought processes and foundational concepts, they'll get your creative gears turning no matter what kind of art you make!

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Blended strokes in watercolor paintings give them more dynamic energy and can help make your color more expressive. 

Whether you're struggling with water control or color blending complexity, I'll cover the key aspects of watercolor washes and demystify why your paint sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.

An Introduction to Blended Watercolor Washes

Flowing Color:



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In love with moody monochromes or looking to work on technical elements of your watercolor practice without getting distracted with mixing color? Creating monochromatic work in watercolor is easy to fit into your workspace, can help you with improving your practice, and is a beautiful painting style on its own as well! It’s anything but boring!

Paint a Watercolor Still-Life with Just One Color

The Value of Monochrome:


Learning art can hard enough, and you can also find yourself overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. Sometimes it's often more difficult to decide who or where to learn it from.

As a Skillshare Top Teacher, my classes have proven to be original, well-composed, and full of value, helping YOU learn better.



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Allow yourself to create bold original art with your unique style without the fear of bad ideas ruining your art. Using a combination of thumbnails, Procreate layer masks, and digital compositing, learn how to preview background options and trial all your ideas for your work in progress (WIP) before you jump in with the first mark.

Using Masks in Procreate to Try-On Creative Backgrounds

Transform Your Art:



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Quick, expressive watercolor paintings from life can be a lot more approachable than you think using a great form-building technique called direct painting. What IS direct painting? In this class we’re going to skip the drawing, and dive straight in paint-first to create watercolors that use brushstrokes to capture the form and energy of your subject.

Express Value and Volume with Confidence

Watercolor Direct Painting:

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This is a detailed breakdown of the how and why I design, create, and use a custom sketchbook. By designing and creating your own sketchbook, you'll reduce the investment associated with quality materials and create a format best suited to your work. Your new "everyday" sketchbook will create less anxiety over the fear of wasting an expensive/pretty sketchbook or fighting a bad format, making more time to put art on paper!

Make a Simple Everyday Sketchbook

Build a Healthy Creative Habit:

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Taking on new concepts in your art can be challenging. Join me in my first Skillshare class, as I take you behind the scenes in my personal sketchbook process! In this inquiry-based class, you will learn how to create various types of sketchbook page layouts using thumbnails in combination with notes to breakdown and improve your art.  

Energize Your Creative Process

Problem Solving in Your Sketchbook:

Does your Creative practice need some jiuce?

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