Who doesn't love getting art supplies?

Stay tuned as I add different specialty sections as I have time!

Yay! Art Supplies!

Whereas everyone is excited when you crack open a box of fresh supplies, or dump a bag from a local haul out on your desk, whether or not you're still excited after using those new supplies is the real test.

This page is full of my favorites that have stood the test of application and time.

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Your most important tool.

Cotton Paper

Available in a variety of weights, textures, and brightnesses, full sheets and blocks are the way I purchase my watercolor paper.


What's on my Palette

Phthalo Blue Green Shade 5ml/15ml
Ultramarine Blue 5ml/15ml

Primary Paints

Quin Rose 5ml/15ml
Transparent Pyrrol Orange 5ml/15ml

Quin Gold 5ml/15ml (or New Gamboge)
Lemon Yellow 5ml/15ml

I own a LOT of different paints,
but I started with these key colors:

Below are a "warm" and "cool" version of each primary color from Daniel Smith. Feel free to get equivalent colors from a different artist grade paint.


Everyday and Technical

A Brush for Every Mood

I don't have a "favorite" brush and brushes can be a very personal choice, so I've chosen to list 5 of my most used, from small to large. 

Favorite Sets coming soon!


There's a reason one of the most common pieces of advice from artists is:

If this sounds oddly familiar, it's because you've already seen the ENTIRE PAGE I have devoted to sketchbooks.

If you haven't seen it yet...


The ONE thing I'll repeat here is try making an "Everyday Sketchbook"!

Favorite Supplies

Everyday Sketchbook

The second half of my sketchbook breakthrough from hoarder to user! Making a custom sized, easy to assemble, quality cotton, yet affordable sketchbook really took off the pressure to perform perfectly on those pages.

Having an uglysorry- EVERYDAY, sketchbook to fool around in will make you feel more comfortable trying new things and actually exploring a bit. Taking more chances equals discovering new territory and exciting unique styles all your own!

What's an Everyday Sketchbook?

(I'm SO glad you asked!)


Join me in a class!


I highly encourage exploring your new supplies on your own, but suggest taking a class or workshop to learn different  functions and techniques!

Learn how to use them!

You've got the supplies,
now what?