Art Practice

Art Practice

Watercolor Swatches

Watercolor swatches are not only beautiful and interesting, but they can tell you a lot of information. Depending on how you swatch, you can gain important insight into your paint, brush, or paper. How do you swatch? I love doing swatches of my watercolors. The way the color dances in the water on the page, […]

Art Practice

Magic Happens When You Repeat Paintings

Do you ever repeat paintings of the same thing? Maybe you just enjoy the subject and want to continue the theme. Perhaps you the first time didn’t come out quite right and you want a second chance. If you’re using watercolor, getting the right look is especially tricky as, unlike other mediums where you can […]

Art Practice

What I learned from a Summer of Landscape Painting

I like to work in chunks, or series, or focuses. Whatever you want to call it, I like to work on the same thing for a while to get a better understanding of it, quicker. This summer, or general warm weather season, I chose to concentrate on landscape painting. You learn many things when concentrating […]

Art Practice

Large Watercolor Plein Air Setup

If painting outside scares you, then I’d guess the idea of painting a larger watercolor piece may not seem in the realm of reality. Before you even get to the challenges of bugs, hot sunshine, changing light, and fast-drying paint, you have to tackle the ever-present question of gear. I’d love to ease your fears […]

Art Practice

Portable Watercolor Painting Kit

This watercolor painting kit is small and easy to pack or bring somewhere to paint. It could be my kitchen, it could be my yard, it could be another state, you get the picture. Everything I need is all right here, just add water!

Jill Holding out a sketchbook with lots of swatches and mixing charts.

Art Practice

Landscape Watercolor Palette Tour

One of my summer 2022 goals is to work on my watercolor landscape technique and style. My first step was naturally to put together a portable palette that had colors I wanted to explore while doing this. Before I even talk about the colors, I’ll cover the first question I usually get when sharing my […]

Foreground with paper covered in swatches and practice signatures. Background is art supplies on desk.


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